Thursday, 8 March 2012

Why I won't buy Mass Effect 3

My stupid, stubborn, misguided, unreasonable principals have really stuck this one to me.

I really enjoyed Mass Effect 1 (well apart from the rubber space buggy) and Mass Effect 2 I felt was very well done although it felt a bit rushed towards the end and I was all looking forward to picking up ME3 at some point to continue the story but... I won't.

It's the EA 'store' Origin at fault for me. ME1 and 2 I purchased through Steam so I have nothing against online stores at all but since I use Steam I already have one good online store which also acts as DRM for those companies that insist on shoving it down our throats so why on earth do EA feel the need to force Origin upon everyone that just wants to play games. I put up with DRM on Steam with very limited patience and I refuse to install more bloatware that I need to register, setup accounts, remember log in details just to play one game because one company are so egotistical they claim they have millions of members when really it's only because people are being forced to use Origin if they want to play certain games not because they want to have a new online store.

So I vote with my wallet. EA won't miss my £35 and they won't change how they treat people that just want to play games because I rant about even more shit to install, run, register and keep a note of. I won't even buy it for my PS3... But it's my choice, it's my stupid, stubborn, misguided and unreasonable choice.