Wednesday, 27 March 2013

A writing challenge, it's only been just over a year (again) since I last wrote anything here, odd how I always come back to this blog in March.. Hmmm. Anyway I figured while something was about to go down I may as well post about it.

You may, or may not already know I'm a wannabe aspiring writer..Yup, I'm not even at the aspiring stage yet however it can only go up..right? I have a hundred and one ideas for books (and computer games but that's another post) but but not enough boots to my arse to actually start properly.Now it just so happens that a good friend at work is in the same boat as me and we bounce ideas off each other a lot and it happened that on Monday we decided to set ourselves a challenge... A (very) short story every two weeks based on a random theme. It's only 2,000 words and it's a whole two weeks we have to write it, so it's absolutely manageable by even our slacker standards but this is what we need, a way to make a quick and fun story without it being a slog. At least to start with anyway.

So using a random generator over at I randomly made five and we chose one to base our stories on.. For our first challenge we picked...

The theme of this story: epic conflict. The main characters: sickly manager and militant servant. The start of the story: natural disaster. The end of the story: insight.

Idea has brewed in my head today so I'll get something down and for those that don't care I'll put it up for you to shake your head in my butchering of the English language :)