Friday, 11 February 2011

Skyrim Screenshots

Bethesda put some screenshots that first appeared in print online. You can see them here

I have to admit it looks gorgeous. I'm a huge fan of Nordic themes in games (yeah I was Midgard in DAoC) so the look of the game is making me feel all fuzzy and warm inside.. Potentially that's the berserker rage building mind you. The final shot of a Nord warrior type in full outfit looking up looks amazing. And in fact.. Yup, it's my new background now! Oblivion was one of those games I never finished due to getting distracted by everything else I could do so I missed out a lot on the story which is a shame. However it's one of my top games still and I love sandbox games which also have a story for you to follow. I am going to finish Oblivion before Skyrim and in fact with two weeks left until Rift is released I really have no excuse not to spend some time on it now.

Right now though it's my number one awaited game for 2011 and something that will make me lose more than a few hours. I just need to retain some focus and actually play the story rather than letting my explorer side kick in and run off to the first mountain I can find to climb up it.

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