Friday, 5 April 2013

Two decades of PC Gaming (1990-2010)

Seen a post on Reddit featuring the best games from each year from 1990-2010 ( and looking through it I realised just how brilliant a lot of those games were, and also just how many of them I already owned but never completed or really enjoyed playing. 

So it got me thinking about a challenge to myself (gah! another on including my writing which is almost done for this fortnight). I'm tempted to start back at 1990, pick a game from each year that I either really enjoyed and completed (Baldurs Gate 2), already own but never finished (VVVVV) or one I've heard good things about but never played (BioShock). Work my way through the years consecutively and have fun playing!

So looking through them all I've discovered there's only two years there where none of the top games I had completed but I've got at least one from each year so that will help the finances anyway and there's a couple of them I want to pickup at some point anyway (Baldurs Gate Enhanced) so could  be fun. It's not a timed challenge, just a.. "Well give it a shot" sort of one, no rush or pressure on it :) I'll post about it if I remember and even start the challenge but in the meantime have a browse through the games and see how many years you've played.

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