Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Currently playing.... Civilization V

I recently bought Sid Meier's Civilization V and have been trying to sit down to give it a run through. I'm an avid Civ fan, I've bought every one since Civ1 on my Amiga where I spent far too long building up my little Roman empire all the way into 2200+ to finally get battleships.. Ok, I was rubbish on my first shot but it just clicked and I loved it. Being a keen history fan it was fascinating to play through, to go against other cultures and to reach the end.

So it was on Saturday and Sunday that I had my first game of Civ 5 which was a fun time, I picked the Egyptians and knowing about the new single stack and impassable mountains I found myself on a nice corner of a continent and just turtled up in there. No-one attacked me, I went through 6,050 years of peace barring the barbarians in the first thousand years which I wiped out and so I learnt the new civ quite peacefully. I ended up with a win in 2040 ish through culture which was satisfying, even on chieftain level and so I sat down to try something different.

Civ has the 'free' DLC of the Mongols and I just failed completely to get to grips with it and started again (I messed up wondering why I had horses but couldn't build horseman.... I needed a pasture). I then tried a Roman game and found myself feeling too militaristic.. It's odd that I've always played Civ passively, much preferring to win through science and culture but on the odd occasion I've gone for all out war.

There's just something not quite clicking with me though in Civ5.. I've not been able to recreate that sit down and "just one more turn" yet but from what I've read a lot of people are like that but persevere and you get there... So time for me to head down to the bank and do some shopping (yay for being on holiday this week) and then I'll sit down and start on a new game.. Unless Mount and Blade Warband peels me away.....


  1. Just found you at your new site!

    I too have played Civ since the early days and found something missing in Civ V. I haven't completed a full game yet- dreading the turn times at the higher levels tbh. It looks good, but seems sluggish. I can't put my finger on what it is that I don't like.......doesn't seem as addictive as Civ I-III were.

  2. Hey thanks Gank :) I actually had been reading your blog then for some reason it dissapeared off my list and rediscovered it so it's been good reading catching up! Yeah I'm not sure which was my favourite between Civ 2 or 3 but they were both great. The game does slow down a lot in the later part but one decent thing is that you dont have the same micro management if you don't want to. I won cultural with three cities so you no longer need a huge sprawling empire. It is sluggish though for sure, I have a top end PC and later turns were grinding the PC down...