Monday, 17 January 2011


Welcome to /BRB (aka 'slash be-are-be') a blog dedicated to PC gaming from my own perspective. I've recently called a break on my Warhammer Online career and subsequently my semi popular blog (Mmmmm Gud) I wrote has now gone on hiatus as well. I still have a requirement for a creative outlet and until I get round to starting my planned novel I need to find a way to keep writing and thus /BRB was born.

To give some background on me, I'm an early thirties male living in Scotland, I've been a desktop gamer since the mid eighties when the family got a Spectrum 48k and I promptly lost my way down the path of text adventures, monochrome graphics and screeching loading noises. I then moved onto the Amiga 500 and then the PC where I ended up playing MMO's since the 90's. My MMO history includes Ultima Online, DAoC, SWG, Warcraft and Warhammer and I'm about to embark on a trip to Rift in March. But I also like to spend time playing other games, primarily strategy and RPG games. I've also done background development and writing for a famous UK based fantasy wargame company (guess who) and as mentioned above I've got a plan to write my first novel which isn't fantasy at all but historical fiction (strictly speaking isn't that still the same thing?).

So onto the future and I'll be blogging about Rift, other MMO's, single player games I happen to find or play and other random bits and pieces that is relevant to the general culture that surrounds gaming and my life in it.

So that's the introduction post down, now I just need to find some rubbish to write about!


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