Sunday, 23 January 2011

Currently playing.... Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening

With my current single player gaming moving forward I decided to put on Dragon Age Origins: Awakening since I'd bought it but never started it. I had actually restarted DAO with a mage after completing it with a Rogue but never managed that, so figured I'd at least move on to make sure it's completed and I can always return to it without feeling too guilty.

Overall so far I'm quite enjoying the game though the number of fantasy cliches is starting to be more amusing now than annoying... Seriously, how many times can you stumble across a person of vital importance who is just about to die... They get to utter a few words of significance and then keel over dead... Another thing is that sometimes choices made seem to bug out or you don't realise that a conversation suddenly ends a path of a quest. I ended up manging to side with both the Guards and the Smugglers in the city before managing to complete both quests then pissing them both off.. Not really sure how I managed that but I did.

I'll warn you in advance though, please if you have the game and haven't played it yet, look up the Silverite Mine bug and make sure you avoid it.. I didn't know about it and subsequently lost all the main characters items and by the time I realised that the quest had ended it had over written all my autosaves so I no longer had one at the start. Pissed me off but at least I had enough backup gear to go forward with anyway but shame my best stuff was lost :( I'll probably get through it over the next couple of days, there's a decent amount of content to play through in it so it keeps you occupied.

Overall though if you have the game I'd go out and get the expansion at least. Dragon Age is a good game and while the AI and path finding can be ropey it has a decent feel to it and there's quite a bit of combat and a just perfect sense of character progression going on.

As for Dragon Age 2 though.. Meh, just can't seem to get excited about that, it just looks more like a console type 3rd person beat em up rather than an RPG, I'll wait to see if it comes out cheap though.

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