Saturday, 22 January 2011

IP's that could be an MMO

So was thinking as I browsed through lists of MMO's that are out, have been out and are yet to be out and there's some surprising omissions from the IP's that exist. So it got me thinking of some franchises that are out there which you could make a decent MMO out of, it doesn't have to be existing games but in some of them I  listed it they so happened to be games. These are in alphabetical order with an honourable mention at the end.

Dragon Age
The game itself is mechanically a single person MMORPG. The toolbars, talents, crafting etc are all designed to play like an MMO does, just in single player. There is a HUGE background already for it and it could easily follow the basic path of an MMO (which may also be a downside as it is really just generic fantasy). I could see PvP as being a big part of the game as well with the outside world being PvP enabled but safe in the cities. I was expecting this to already have been mentioned as an MMO at some point but with BiowareMythic already with UO, DAoC, WAR and soon the Star Wars one I can't see them having more work to do for something which likely doesn't offer anything too new the genre.

Mass Effect
Funnily enough another Bioware game... Again Mass Effect started to become very MMO styled just without crafting in it yet. There's a lot of fantastic background and potential adventures to be had so it's screaming out for an MMO. Not to mention that outside 40k Online, Star Trek and Star Wars there's nothing else really big and sci-fi like out there. The game itself is a lot more twitch so PvP and PvE would come down to good connections and modern PC's but I actually think that Mass Effect Online could be a very strong MMO which would appeal to many folks. Once you include potential console conversions then it could have an absolutely huge potential player base. My only concern would be PvP (you'd need factions of some sort) and crafting hasn't been explored in the single player.

Masters of the Universe 
Ah, my childhoods second favourite cartoon show... Masters of the Universe the original stuff was fantastically crap but amazingly good viewing for a child. But imagine the classic MotU from the comics and cartoon series in MMO form! You could have two sides (really lets not go down the She-Ra and Hordak path) one following the loyal Eternians and one following Skeletors evil. uhm. horde. Just think of the customisation you could have with the characters though... Reptiles and insects on the evil side. Robots and birds on the Eternians for example. Not to mention the horrendous colour schemes you could have "I want a bright orange bug man!". PvP is naturally setup with the two sides but overall once you get past potential character customisation and the fact you can punch Prince Adam in the face I'm not convinced there's a lot of potential to it.. Still, I'd buy a sub.

No really. Go with me on this one. Pokemon, one of the most successful gaming franchises ever doesn't have a true MMO game to go along with it but yet it's setup pretty much perfectly to do so already. Think about it... You start as a new trainer, running around questing and looking for Pokemon which you then take control of when you enter a fight (none of the turn bases stuff,  make it more generic MMO combat with cool downs and power etc). As you progress in level you can capture more and you yourself get talent type trees which affect the Pokemon, so you could be more water based or uhmm... buffing based.. something like that. Raids/end game type stuff could be straight forward to do as well, imagine 10 trainers against a super massive pokemon thingy, players having to swap out the pokemon to do different roles to kill/capture the boss.. Could work I think. Not to mention the PvP would be straight forward with just duelling other players or setting up teams.

Honourable Mention: Transformers
My favourite childhood cartoon now, stuff the live action movies and the crap before hand.. Back to Gen 1 classic Transformers!!! However I remembered that there is already one in development with hardly any info about it other than that it's probably going to be Japanese/Korean only... Sadbot.

But in my head it's a fantastic game. Already setup with classes (Scouts, Tanks (literally), Ranged DPS, Healers/Mechanic), lore, and of course, two sides that hate each others mechanical guts. I mean you could easily end up with end game raids against the combiner robots from each side, not to mention you could upgrade your appearance over time as well or even be re-assembled (cough.. respec). Well no doubt as time goes by we'll hear more about the Transformers Online game and it's probably going to be some crazy mental F2P grindfest which shatters my last remembrances of childhood (almost).

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