Friday, 21 January 2011

Rift alpha patch notes released/leaked

Some very interesting things in it, I especially like the anti aliasing changes, public groups, premade scenario errr warfront matchmaking and the currency bag. I don't know enough about the classes in my time in beta to understand the changes so I'm making no judgement on that. I also noticed that world events no longer grant experience. This might slow down the rate of XP gain a bit but does seem odd as it promoted being involved in them a bit more, oh well those guys are devs and going on feedback from the beta and alpha teams.

Artifact collections get a reward boost and apothecary gets a total remake. It's quite exciting seeing changes take place for the game even though it's not even released yet, the big thing happens post launch when they have to cut down on the dev and QA team as most studios do, can they keep pace with the changes or will they slow down and be ponderous in reacting to problems.

Another interesting thing is the more you look at it, the more aspects of Warhammer Online you see in Rift. Public Quests and Public Groups seem to be the two lasting legacies on the genre that WAR has made, I'll be waiting to see Blizzard implement the same sort of thing soon then!

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