Thursday, 20 January 2011

Salem - A permadeath MMO with PvP

Noticed over at Blues News and PC Gamer that Paradox Interactive have announced an F2P MMORPG (yes, emphasis on the RPG part now). Sounds quite interesting and I'll follow it just to see how it develops. Permadeath is one of these things that I like the idea of though I'd always be worried about a most unfortunately timed LD or lag spike.

Some key quotes as follows:

From PC Gamer:
"Early in development but they say it’s out in 2011. It’s set in a mythical version of New England. “We have you stepping off the boat in Boston and then you have to fend for yourself in the New World.” It’s a crafting MMORPG. Player-driven world."

From Blues News:
"Salem, a newly announced free-to-play MMORPG set in New England during the colonial era when suspected witches were used as firewood. They say the game is due sometime this year, and they make note of a fascinating aspect of the game's concept, permadeath: "The game puts emphasis on a player-driven world that promotes crafting skills. Even more interesting, when your character dies he’s gone forever, leaving all your creations to be pillaged by other players."


  1. Did he say the players will be the fount of justice in the game? The players will police the game. Interesting......

  2. And with perma death it means people will have to be careful with how they act as 'justice'