Thursday, 20 January 2011

Hey, I'm no longer an MMO player...

Well my Warhammer subscription ran out yesterday and for the first time in.. Oooh around 11 years or so I'm without a paid MMO account. It feels sorta weird now but at the same time with my diminishing time in WAR over December and combined with the Xmas business I had gotten used to single player games for a quick hit of gaming which made my sudden realisation I was no longer an MMO player a bit easier to take :P I even got bored enough this morning to chart my MMO history (paler colours means only semi playing, not taken seriously). It's interesting to see that since UO nothing has lasted more than three years but then that still accounts for a fair chunk of my time. These don't include MMO's that I played very briefly, as in once a week or less, are F2P that I don't log onto that much (lotro, ddo mainly) and trial months of games.

The good news though is that it won't stop me from passing judgement on MMO's and talking about them for the simple fact I'm in transition between MMO's and it just so happens that my sub to WAR ended before Rift came out, so as said above, it's giving me time to catch up on single player games. The problem now though... Is what to play.

Civ 5 is on my list but I've now managed a couple more play throughs (damn you United Nations getting me beat) so I feel I've at least played it some. Checking through my Steam games I've still got Amnesia, The Monkey Island remakes, Deathspank, Mount and Blade: Warband, World of Goo, VVVVVV, Super Meatboy, Puzzle Quest, Star Wars: Force Unleashed... and I'll stop there as still a few other random games on the list.... In hard copy I can see close to hand Dragon Age Origins: Awakening (and some DLC) and Blood Bowl: Legendary Edition... So I have a decent collection to work my way through between now and the end of next month. A few of them I doubt I'll play further or even start as you have to be in the right mood for them, some of them are fine for instant blasts such as a level of Goo/Meatboy or a game of Blood Bowl.

So I get the feeling that I'll finally get round to finishing off Dragon Age.. Assuming the Bioware thing still doesn't hate me and 50% of the time doesn't let me use my DLC.. Bah. If anything, being MMO'less right now at least lets me spend time with my other games without breaking the outside life/relationship/work balance  :)

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