Sunday, 6 February 2011

Sorry stun locks, we should just be friends now...

It's not you, it's me... I just don't think I'm compatible with you anymore. I understand that you appeal to some people with your ability to nullify skill by turning a player into basically an AFK kill but that attitude means you'll never have a place in my heart when you don't realise that you are potentially the worst PvP mechanic to ever feature in a game where you get player against player combat...

Seriously though, as I've gotten up the levels in Rift (still no higher than 20 though, I don't want to ruin too much) I have had the misfortune of coming up against more and more stun lock classes. I honestly thought I'd given this shit up in WoW. Does ANYONE apart from the guy doing it at that moment actually enjoy this mechanic and feel it presents a decent form of play? How about take some of the big FPS games like Call of Duty or Quake and see how much players would react to a gun that if it hits you once in the back you can't do anything for 4-6 seconds.. Would it be fun? Fuck no. So why do MMO developers constantly feel the need to add what's known as stun locks into a game? It shows no sense of skill to perform since it requires basic memory to remember the combination to press and if they fuck it up then 9 times out of 10 the stunlock class has a form of quick get away so you can't even teach the little bastard a lesson since they run away depriving you of achievement you got in avoiding his combo-cooldownpop-stunlocks only for him to wait until everything is off cooldown and do the same shit again to you or someone else.

For the love of sanity though, get rid of this shit and stop taking the game out of players hands, let them fight and defend with skill rather than locking a player out.

(Yes I am bitter, yes I am getting more and more pissed off with this in MMO's and in Rift and yes I will be looking at this PvP soul more now...)

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