Wednesday, 2 February 2011

/thank Andy Belford

Andy Belford, the community dude for BiowareMythic announced his departure for pastures new (or rather west) yesterday via Twitter.

I've had the fortune to be able to communicate with Andy numerous times and even had the luck of him being able to sort out some GamesDay UK tickets for me (which unfortunately due to some bad timing I had to bail on) so I feel justified in naming him a top notch bloke! So does going west to work in community management mean going to Rift, City of Heroes or something else entirely? Hmmm... I wonder... ;)

So where does this leave Warhammer Online right now? Well with Andy not being a developer although the key figure with Player/Dev interaction it leaves an obvious hole in communication. Now comms has been an issue since December with Mythic so here's hoping that they get the new community manager in place rapidly for the Warhammer players. James Nichols though is still on board and although he tends to focus more on the UO/DAoC side of things (I believe) I'm sure he'll be able to fill in until Mythic get things sorted.

So with WAR getting a new producer (gz James Casey, another top bloke) as well as a new community manager.... dude.. person... type thing... There comes an aura of expectation which I have to admit has peeked my curiosity in WAR again however I'll be holding off until summer into the autumn as promised to myself (unless Rift happens to be a total dive) to get a decent break to re-energise it for me.

So once more Andy. /thank for your time and effort and even the posting back on Mmmmm Gud and twitter posts... Yer a gud git!

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