Tuesday, 8 March 2011

My first two weeks in Rift

Whitefall is full.

Well apart from that which has already had more than enough time being talked about how is my gaming in Rift going? Overall I'm still enjoying it, yes it's only two weeks but I'm finding enough to do, especially the achievements and collections which keep me occupied far more than it probably should do (much to the detriment of my level). I'll give it it's due though, I've found only a handful of bugs which I've reported and it does play very smooth.

I've done a fair chunk of warfronts (hard to stop when your faction is on a winning roll) as well as a whole one dungeon (I'm potentially one of the most introverted MMO players in the history of ever) which I tanked with no problems. Deepstrike Mines was quite fun as well, a nice level of time needed without it taking forever. Think it was maybe 30 minutes or so even though we were on the high end of the level requirements for it. It was completely pugged and everyone was very polite. Grimnir did a good post about it just now http://grimnir.mmofansites.com/posts/1949-mining-for-alien-gem-boss-things which pretty much sums up the same thing, only without wipes or anyone dying (we just nuked the unliving shit out of everything as I aoe tanked)

Which brings me onto something else. I've noticed that the community does seem very pleasant, helping out and offering advice when folks ask. Admittedly some people always give the sarcastic response or the rant in chat but certainly it seems less frequent than expected. Thumbs up!

The events which happen in zones were fun as well but they do get a bit repetitive after a while and I've only been to two zones, it's basically the same thing, kill xx invasions, close yy rifts and zerg a boss forgetting about tactics. On top of that it's very easy to get high contribution simply by spamming one button over and over. I've seen clerics just spam a 1.5 second heal on me over and over again despite taking no damage for the simple fact that if you don't do anything then contribution drops, fastest way is to simply spam one key... Disappointing I have to admit but I suppose everyone can do the same.

Looking at the quests there was a time in my mid 20's (level wise) where most quests were basically "kill xx mobs" which was a disappointment as there was some brilliant quests which kept me reading the text, I'm not sure if this is Defiant mainly but there does seem to be a high proportion of kill quests, maybe the fact that you get decent xp for killing mobs makes it not seem as bad and the xp noticeably moves makes it less troublesome for most but I'd like to see more variety.

Overall though the game is still holding my attention well and I'm fairly enjoying it, if I had more time to mess around in game I'd be trying out more specs though. I'm not rushing ahead (I can't.. I'm still 87th in the queue at 9pm after already being here 30 minutes) so I fully expect that by the time I'm even starting to look at level 50 content more stuff will be out.

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