Friday, 4 March 2011

Rifts dynamic events... Not so dynamic?

I recently rolled a new character on a shard that doesn't involve multi hour queues to actually get some play time in. I have to admit, having quests and mobs to myself is quite appealing and there's not been a single bit of bad mouthing on the region chat and people have been very nice and helpful. It's also weird being the first to complete a soul quest 4 days after the server went live but never the less I'm actually getting through the levels quicker than I was on a busier server.

All of last night while I was on I didn't see a single event happen which I figured was fair as there wasn't many on the server however about 30 minutes before the servers went down for the release of live an event started. Now what I noticed to start with compared to my previous server was that only one or two invasions got taken down before the first wardstone was destroyed. I actually took a second look as I went solo against a minor rift and noticed that the victory conditions were exactly the same for part one on a server with very low population as they were on a server that's reached capacity.

I thought that the actual events were dynamic in that they adjusted themselves to the number and level of players but apparently it doesn't seem to be that way. I did a quick /who freemarch and this was the result (keep in mind that as far as I know there's no /anon)....

Really not enough players on to combat an invasion and we didn't, the server took down two or three invasions and a rift before the event failed. Now while I'm not overly bothered it does give me subtle hints that the events aren't as dynamic as believed. Whether they're also on a timer for spawning rather than pure population in areas I'm not sure but there certainly wasn't enough folk in the zone to successfully run the event since it's the same one that 10x the number of folks have to do on a busy server. It's interesting to see though just how events will occur when the population starts maturing on the server to the stage that there's little to no new players running through the early zones.

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  1. Wow so Rift is already dead with only 9 players online on a whole server.

    I kid, I kid