Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Rifts biggest flaw right now

And while it may not be a game breaker it's certainly impacting the level of enjoyment of the game...

Server Queues

I had this discussion on twitter a couple of days back but I fail to understand why Trion aren't cloning the busiest servers thus giving the players and guilds who are now established a choice of server (Whitefull) to play on without a huge upheaval process. For example right now the guild I'm in (and have been in since early days of Warhammer) is sitting multiple high 40's that will ding 50 today and many folks now 20 and above. That is a lot of time and effort especially for people like myself that aren't very grindy players (I have played three days and got to 22 due to my habit of running off and doing rifts, events and just exploring). I've seen Freemarch countless times already from beta and I am not sure I can face seeing it all over again, trying to collect artifacts and complete achievements.

Now I know getting to 22 isn't the hardest but I'm also tied in with the guild who are loathe to move now we have a high level core that will be jumping into the experts very shortly and as each day passes the chance of the guild rerolling lessens.

I don't understand why Trion don't just clone say Whitefall and let the players make the choice. The newest server that opened remained on low population all day for EN PVP for the reason that people don't want to reroll. I know people that are now onto the third server. Opening empty servers doesn't solve the queue problem if guilds/players have established themselves. Giving players a choice of server with the same characters and guilds on would do more to lessen the queues than anything else.

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